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Why SavvyBiz?

Track Communications and Tasks in One Location

With SavvyBiz, you can now keep records of all incoming emails, texts, and phone calls in one location, setting follow up tasks to be sure nothing falls through the cracks. Long gone are the days of running around like a chicken with your head cut off, or combing through hundreds of emails to try and find that "one email" from an owner or tenant a year ago. With our Communication Manager, all of your communications will be filed away, and easy to retrieve, at a moment's notice.

Manage Time, Tasks, and Teams Efficiently

We are here to help you breathe, and keep your team organized, efficient, and successful. Just onboarding a single property can lead to dozens of different tasks that need to be completed. With SavvyBiz, you tailor your virtual task management system once, the way YOU do things, and we will set those tasks each time moving forward. Not only does this help when training a new team member, but brings the consistency you have been hoping for in your office.

Analyze and Achieve

Now you have all of your data in one place, which makes managing the day to day operations a cinch. With SavvyBiz, one of the greatest benefits is being able to get a bird's-eye overview of the overall health of your company. How are your team members performing? How many move ins are being completed on time? How often are you able to return a call when expected? How many new leads come into your office each month? What percentage of leads is your business development team closing? As a business owner, growth and scalability depend on you having hard data to make your next business move. Before, you were guessing, and now, with SavvyBiz, you can make an educated and confident move, every time.

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